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AI-Enhanced Fiber-Wireless Optical 6G Network in Support for Connected Mobility

The sixth generation (6G) of wireless communication technology is touted as an enabler of our digital age. It bears vast potentials for individuals and businesses to enhance opportunities and create new technologies in a wide range of sectors, including industrial manufacturing, energy supply, digital healthcare, government and education, and efficient transportation.

6G-EWOC contributes to this mission through its focus on autonomous driving. By connecting vehicles and making their collected information instantaneously available to all traffic participants, 6G provides a salient feature for safety and efficient transport on the road. 6G-EWOC contributes critical technologies:

  • Optical wireless comms & sensing for situational awareness & connectivity
  • Seamless access to edge datacentres through a high-capacity fiber fronthaul
  • Real-time processing of the collected road-side data
  • Orchestration of several constituents of 6G-enabled vehicular connectivity
    through artificial intelligence

Project Facts

Acronym: 6G-EWOC
Duration: 01/2024 – 12/2026
Total Costs: M€ 5.2
EC Funding: M€ 4.0
Consortium: 11 partners from 8 countries

Dr. Jose Antonio Lázaro
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

The 6G-EWOC Consortium

Barcelona, Spain

Castelldefels, Spain

Palaiseau, France

Kongens Lyngby, Denmark

Yokneam, Israel

Paris, France

Vienna, Austria

Barcelona, Spain

Vargarda, Sweden


Athens, Greece

Ecublens, Switzerland